Digital Master and you where do you stand ?

Test on line your digital maturity.

In a world where your customers are connected and over-informed, how to know them better to satisfy them ?

How to empower your salespeople to keep the advantage ?

How can your company's services work better together?

For each of these questions, and for many others,

there are digital solutions (digital capability and leadership capability) whose sole purpose is to satisfy the requirements of your vision as an entrepreneur.
Digital transformation is not a compulsory constraint, it is your growth lever. Syclear is at your side to pass this course with rigor, creativity and serenity.

How we help

A business expert assesses your digital maturity, defines with you the digital strategy, formalizes the transformation road map.
The transforming team is formed and implements the recommendations resulting from the audit.
Implementation of digital prospecting tools. Capture your customers' usage data and valorize. Internet Of Things and artificial intelligence.
  • Gonzague Frécon, associate Arilim Insurances

    The collaboration with Mr. Gérard was based on trust and proximity. His customer centric behavior, helped us to set the right digital tools for the growth of our business.

    Gonzague Frécon, associate Arilim Insurances
  • Bernard Gleise, associate Giberttrans

    SYCLEAR's digital master test and audit allowed us to know where we stand. We can now prioritize our actions and lead our digital transformation by putting our customers at the heart of our projects.

    Bernard Gleise, associate Giberttrans